Ticket for hobby award category: 

Single miniature (20-50mm base)

Ticket information:

  • 20 spots per category (100 spots)
  • One player – One entry. No multiple entries or multiple categories. We will disqualify players who sign up multiple entries. 
  • Only MWW7 ticket holders are allowed to enter. Fill in your order number when signing up. 
  • Entries are not allowed to be models used in the games, they have to be present on the display table during the whole tournament. 

Displaying your entry:

  • The entries need to be handed in Saturday morning before or during Game 1 to MWW staff in the registration/information desk.
  • The entries will be presented on display tables in the common area between the gaming rooms. The tables will be guarded by staff and models protected. 
  • The entries will be given back after the last game on Saturday when the voting is done. 


  • All MWW7 participants get a voting card for each category and can vote during Saturday. The miniatures will be given back after the last game has finished on Saturday.
  • A group of dedicated judges from MWW has a single vote worth 50 votes for each category. The whole group only has one single vote together worth 50 votes which they have to decide who they cast on. This way the judges have a large say in the winner but far from majority if the players have different opinions than the judges. 


  • The awards will be given out on Sunday during the award ceremonies.

Single miniature (20-50 mm base), Squad (5-10 models), Monster or Character (60mm+ base), Vehicle, Diorama: Duell (max 15x15cm base)