Ticket for participation at Malmö Wargaming Weekend 7 Horus Heresy event – October 21st-22nd 2023

All MWW information and a FAQ can be found at www.malmofigurspel.se/mww
Please join the MWW7 Main Facebook event for general updates on the event.
Please join the MWW7 Horus Heresy Facebook event for specific Horus Heresy updates.

Full refund for tickets are available until September 17th 2023.
Tickets can also be transfered to other players. Inform the MWW Team if you do (see FAQ).

There is no waiting list. If a ticket is refundend, it’s added back to the webshop inventory, and it’s first come first serve. When new/refunded tickets are added to the webshop, we will announce in the Facebook groups.