Tuesday game nights

Our core activity is our Tuesday game nights at Spelens Hus in Malmö. Here we meet, play and hobby. We store all our terrain in the basement, all our game mats, and other material. We have enough gamemats and terrain to field around 100 gaming tables. 

We play at Spelens Hus in Malmö. Information can be found on the Contact page.

All kind of miniature games are played in MFF. However, the most common ones are without doubt Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Malifaux, Saga and Bolt Action. 

You can join our Tuesday nights one time to try out. After that you become a member by buying a membership here in the online Shop. 

You’re also welcome to come and say hi, talk or check what it’s all about!

We have all kind of players playing. Many are veterans and competetive, some are just hobby entusiasts. But if you are curious and need help to get started, just write a line in our Spelträff group on Facebook and tell it as it is eg. “I’m new to 40k, and would love to get a newbie game in. Anyone that fancy a game helping out with rules?”. Usually some of our players will help out, or another curious new player join you. Also, don’t hesitate to talk and ask other players at the club for help when doing a game! We don’t bite!

Spelens Hus opens between 5-6pm. The key holder for the evening will open the basement where we store our terrain. Set up your table with MDF boards, game mat, terrain, and have a great game. Be sure to clean up and put things back after you’re done. Feel free to ask if you’re uncertain about anything. 

Please join our Facebook group we use for finding a game, sharing information, and general hobby talk. 

Weekend Tournaments

We host smaller tournaments at Spelens Hus on regular basis. The games are varied, and often with a max participation number of around 24-32 people. Follow us on Facebook to keep updated on coming events!

Some tickets are bought online, some at site, make sure to check the details for the tournament you’re attending.

Malmö Wargaming Weekend

Every year (with exception to 2020 due to covid-19 restrictions) MFF hosts Malmö Wargaming Weekend (MWW). It has grown to a 200+ attendee gaming event, held at newly built Malmö Arena Hotel. It’s the highlight every year, and it has grown steadily and each year we see more and more international players joining. Check the MWW page out for mor information.

Swedish national news visits MWW6:

Malmö Team Weekend

Malmö Team Weekend is a Warhammer 40K 5man team tournament, 120 players in total (24 teams) hosted in a premium location just like MWW. Starting in 2023, MTW will be an annual spring event in the same premium gaming spirit as MWW has been for the last 6 years. 

Expect the same venue quality, gaming tables, and exceptional standard of event as MWW. We are happy to offer even more of what we know you all love and can’t get enough of!