• Display 1 entry in the MWW Hobby Award in the Single miniature (max 80mm base) category
  • Free coffee & ice cream
  • One player – One entry. No multiple entries or multiple categories.
  • Non-players are welcome to participate!
  • MWW8 ticket holders have a free ticket. Fill in your order number of your ticket to get the discount. 4 digits. MWW Team will confirm these numbers and cancel any orders not correct Name + Order Number
  • Entries are not allowed to be models used in the games, they have to be present on the display table during the whole tournament.

All information and more can be found at

All tickets are refundable until 2024-09-01. There is a 30kr administration fee included in the ticket price that is not refunded. (of a 60sek ticket, 30sek will be refunded). All tickets can freely be sold to another person. Remember to contact us by email with the following information: Ticket number, previous owner, new owner. No deadline to sell your ticket. Verify your sellers ticket number with us to avoid scammers. MWW does not refund other bookings such as flight tickets, hotel rooms etc.